We have new website and social presence!

AOI Kerala, under the new team of office bearers 2016- 17, has launched a new and interesting website. Currently it is available for testing on www.aoikerala.in. Once the test phase is over, it will be available on the earlier domain also, that is www.aoikerala.org!

It has a brand new modern elegant look, along with a host of new features and privacy settings. It is built on wordpress, so that it can be constantly updated easy through the years. Also the availability of a vast number of plugins, themes and support for this platform means that the site will be easy to maintain, and extend the functionality as required.

All aspects of the site have been touched. The member list has been updated, along with a privacy feature that restricts sensitive information about members to a password protected page. All our initiatives have been highlighted in the main menu of the site.

Planned features include a payment gateway integration so that it is easier for members to join our prestigious organisation.

A new patient resources section has been added, to disseminate information that may be useful to the common man.

Along with that, we have started accounts on social media too!

Facebook Page

A facebook page for our organization.

Twitter Handle

Follow and tweet at @aoikerala

Facebook Group

A place to hang out!

So kindly like!

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Dr. Shajul George (2016-17)

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