The Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), Kerala State Branch is a non-profit, autonomous body representing Otolaryngologists of the state who treat Ear, Nose, Throat and related Head & Neck diseases. The committed aim of the association is to encourage and advance ethical study and practice of the art and science of ENT and Head & Neck diseases which are among the most common that afflict the general population.

Moreover it deals with increasing awareness among common public on early diagnosis, prevention and management of ENT related health issues.


Empowering the ENT fraternity of the state to deliver patient care to best of its potential with no compromise on ethical and academic standards through professional and public education, research and health policy advocacy.

Moreover, association aims to promote and encourage scientific research on this specialty, to arrange in-house training for the budding Otolaryngologist and to match ENT healthcare delivery to global standards through adequate infrastructure.


Membership is open to any Allopathic Medical Graduate (MBBS) registered preferably with Travancore-Cochin Medical Council, Kerala or any other State Medical Council of India with postgraduate qualification in ENT and practicing in the field of ENT and Head & Neck diseases except Associate and Honorary members who may not need postgraduate qualification. Right now we have 400+ (Four hundred plus) members in different categories – Ordinary, Life, Associate and Honorary Members.


For the last one decade a great emphasis has been made on various aspects of ENT diseases mainly prevention of cancer in Head & Neck region as well as prevention, early detection and management of deafness etc. As people are more concerned about improper development of speech and language in child it is essential to detect hearing loss as early as possible, preferably within 1st year of life since it allows prompt management, if necessary with Hearing Aids. Present statistics revealed that, second most common area for the development of cancer is oral cavity and throat and needs massive campaign against taking pan masala, chewing tobacco and smoking.

To keep pace with the modern advancement in this specialty and to meet increased awareness of the patient it is imperative that, one should keep himself / herself updated. Hence we organize Clinical meetings (CME), Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Free ENT Medical check-up camps and Awareness campaigns from time to time. One of our most important academic activity is to conduct workshop / training courses as a part of Continuing Medical Education programme where government, private and self-employed ENT surgeons, not only from our state but also from adjoining states participate.

Besides academic activities our Association has some social commitment too. Every year several free ENT check-up camps are organized in the different parts of our state especially in remote rural areas jointly with the help of NGO’s. Our esteemed members voluntarily participate in those camps for the cause of humanity. “The National Initiative for Safe Sound” (NISS), is such a social commitment initiated by the AOI Kerala State Branch with special interest by its then State President, Dr. C. John Panicker in the Year 2013. The Indian Medical Association decided to pilot this National Initiative for Safe Sound in the capital, by taking on board people from all walks of life, including representatives of Residents’ Associations, Religious Organisations and Law-enforcement officials, and create awareness of the health hazards posed by noise pollution so that the need for fixing safe decibel levels becomes a demand from the community.


The registered office of the Association is in IMA State Head Quarters Building at Anayara, Thiruvananthapuram. Activities of the association spreads all over the state through its twelve chapters.


It is history that the ENT Surgeons of Kerala were in two separate organizations, namely AOI Kerala Branch and AOI Malabar branch. There was widespread feeling among the ENT Surgeons in Kerala to come under a common unified Branch. The inaugural conference of the state-wide association was held in 2002 at Kozhikode under the guidance of Founder President, Prof. K. Ashok Kumar. Here the dream came true and the two bodies merged together to form The Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Kerala State Branch. This single body now represents the community of ENT Surgeons within the physical borders of Kerala State. Since the beginning itself the activities of AOI Kerala State Branch was very encouraging and more and more members started joining.